Thursday, May 20, 2010


Ah, tomorrow is the traditional Cuban independence day -- the pre-revolutionary one dedicated to the separation from Spain. I don't say "victory" cuz Teddy Roosevelt and his Yellow Rice Brigade (yup, that's what they were called) kind screwed things up for us in that department at the last minute but ...

Anyway, I get to share the stage tomorrow with another Cuban, Cristina Garcia. And with a revolutionary, Amiri Baraka. And with best-selling Pulitzer nominee Bernice McFadden.

Intimated? Yeah, you bet I am.

I mean, merciful god, we're reading poetry.

I'm going to try and nod at Cuban independence day with my reading, and at love, of course, and, well ... all sorts of stuff. Come and see.

It's Thursday, May 20, at 7pm at the Brooklyn Public Library, the Grand Army Plaza location, and it's part of the Brooklyn Independents Poetry Reading Series. 

And the dude above on the horse? Jose Marti, our big War of Independence hero, as depicted in a statue to his memory in Central Park.

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