Monday, March 23, 2009

Tiffany-Like Lamps in Cincy

I’m obviously living in a parallel universe, where independent bookstores are doing gangbuster business. When I arrived in Cincinnati, I couldn’t believe my eyes: Joseph-Beth Booksellers was busy and bustling on a bright sunny warm spring day. Inside, the warehouse like store was a wonderland of books. And I was flabbergasted: The Ruins display also included Tiffany-like lamps! I was greeted by a small but enthusiastic audience, including two young women who’d driven up from Lexington and had brought their worn and much annotated copies of Days of Awe to be signed. Afterwards, Michael, my host, and I hung out and talked about Obama and the economy – and the fact that, yeah, in spite of everything, Joseph-Beth is doing amazingly well.


Kinda gives you hope, you know?

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  1. You give me hope. I'm doing a car trip to Chicago from Miami Beach in May and I'll try to hit a few of your book stores, though I have to go through Charleston SC, Greensboro NC, and maybe Boston.